Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Corkage Fee?

  • Yes, $20 per bottle, up to 2 bottles per party. Additional bottles may be purchased from our extensive wine list.

Do you offer a kid’s menu?

  • No, we do not offer a children’s menu, high chairs or booster seats.

    Considering our adult atmosphere, we kindly suggest that young children who may cause disruption to other guests, or who may not appreciate our style of cuisine, be left in the care of a sitter.

Do you serve hard alcohol?

  • Yes, we offer a limited bar to accommodate most requests. Martinis, Lemon Drops, Manhattans and Margaritas are common. We also offer a bottled beer selection.

Do you have a Dress Code?

  • We ask that our guests choose a Country Club/business casual style attire. Jeans are ok, but ski wear and beach suits are discouraged.

Can you accommodate gluten free and food allergies?

  • Yes, please inform your server when ordering of your dietary needs. Many of our dishes can be made gluten free.

Do you offer nightly specials?

  • Yes, we have nightly specials that consist of fresh seafood entrees, house made pasta, creative appetizers, and a soup du jour.

Can you split checks?

  • For smaller parties of 6 or less we can take multiple payments for the same table if needed. However, we do ask that you arrange in advance for a single payer whenever possible to streamline the payment process.
  • Larger parties will be presented with one check for the table.